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The FasciaBlaster®

The FasciaBlaster® is designed, engineered, researched, manufactured and used exclusively by Ashley Black and her followers. The FasciaBlaster® is the only device on the market proving to break through fascia, the body's connective tissue that can cause unsightly cellulite as well as restrict blood flow and nerve supply. Tight fascia can also restrict joints such as your knees, shoulders, hips and spine, causing a host of orthopedic problems. This chart shows how one can go from healthy to cripple and visa versa, based on the state of your fascia. The FasciaBlaster® is a simple, affordable, one-step, self-treatment solution for all of these Hybrid Health issues.

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For cellulite:

Lumps and bumps caught in fascia APPEAR to be cellulite. Cellulite does not exist! When fascia becomes tight, it pulls down and inward causing the connective tissue to form a grid or web-like pattern. Any fat that we have will push through that grid like a marshmallow pushing through a chain-link fence. We call this cellulite but it is really FASCIA problems trapping the fat. The FasciaBlaster® will scrub through the surface fascia allowing fat to redistribute and lay nicely on the legs, buttocks, abdomen, and arms. You can see and FEEL an immediate result after just one use and can have an entirely new body in 30 to 90 days.

For blood flow:

The FasciaBlaster® also helps free the fascia, allowing for better blood flow. Arteries and veins run through the fascia all over the body. When fascia is tight, the blood supply limited - like squeezing a garden hose - and we don't get vital nutrients and oxygen to the cells. The FasciaBlaster® provides an overall, full body loosening, allowing blood to flow freely and for our cardiovascular output to be maximized.

For better nerves and muscles:

Nerves flow through the fascia. Tight fascia can cause pinched nerves, tingling sensations and numbness. In addition, the nerves are what fire the muscle, so when the nerve activity is limited the muscle output is lessened. The FasciaBlaster® can open nerve activity, allowing the body to function properly. It's amazing for athlete's pre-game performance and post-workout recovery. It also allows the fascia to lay in the nooks and crannies to allow more muscle definition to instantly show through!

For pain or orthopedics:

Tendonitis, arthritis and a whole host of other joint problems including spinal compression can often be caused by tight, distorted fascia. Muscles typically go from one joint to the next and stop. Fascia runs in long strips through the joint and onto the next, as well as penetrating through the muscles. When fascia becomes tight, it can pull the bones closer and closer together causing pain. Loosening the joint is as simple as scrubbing your way to loose and healthy fascia!

When the Ashley Black invented the FasciaBlaster® it was available to Ashley's personal clients - the elite of the elite: billionaires, royals, A-list celebrities, and the world's top pro athletes. The FasciaBlaster® is endorsed by members of the medical community as well as pro sports teams. For the first time the FasciaBlaster® is available to the public in very limited quantities. Order your FasciaBlaster® today for just $89.

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Please allow 1-3 weeks for shipping and handling. Thank you and enjoy your FasciaBlaster®. Please share your before and after pics and join our Hybrid Health revolution today!

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What to expect?

Our unique and proprietary knowledge of fascia - a little known system of the body, allows us to enrich overall health and appearance with clients ranging from the near crippled and hopeless to elite athlete and celebrities. Followers can expect to release the shackles of what they "thought" was possible with their bodies, ultimately changing their life. This new thinking leads to new actions and habits that yield outcomes including: totally renovated posture, crazy flexibility, a leaner toned body, total pain removal, complete symmetry, athleticism, manipulated beauty proportions, total tissue restoration, and a cohesive all encompassing understanding of how to attain and maintain the Ashley Effect.

How We Work

We are a 360 degree lifestyle brand based on the celebrity and brain child of Ashley Black. Because the information is so unique, we don't have any direct competitors. Part of our uniqueness is that although we draw from the isolated institutions of chiropractic, medical, personal training, nutrition, massage, psychology and others, the Ashley Black brand blends the pieces of institutional thinking with her own personal journey as well as her discoveries along the way creating a whole new puzzle. Similar to hot sauce's versatility and ability to enhance food, Ashley Black can be added to and improve virtually any system or product.

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