Are You Fat or Fascia Bound?

March 23rd, 2012 Written by Ashley Black

Did you know that bad fascia can trap your fat actually making it near impossible to to get rid of. When fascia starts trapping fat, your body becomes fascia bound. So now not only are you in pain, but you still have this fat! Fascia runs from head to toe and is a connective tissue that encases each muscle. It is extremely important for weight loss that your tissue is healthy.

One of our clients had an issue just like this. She was an active, healthy eating weekend warrior who was covered in cellulite and fat areas. As Fasciologist®, we see cases like this week after week.  It is so important to be able to recognize when your body is fascia bound because it will prevent you from having good body mechanics.

Getting back into the gym with efforts to change your lifestyle is a great idea for 2012. But this year let’s really make it count. Every time you get into the gym – whether it be to attend an aerobic or spin class, just basic cardio or to lift weights, do it right! Add “hogging the gym mirrors” to the top of your resolutions for 2012. By getting in front of a mirror with every exercise you do you will be able to evaluate yourself to assure proper mechanics. Being body aware is key to a successful workout and a lasting effect without injury or pain!

Really focus on connecting the dots when evaluating yourself. In order to understand what to look for start small. First look at shoulders, hips, knees and feet. For more information on how to evaluate yourself and prevent bad mechanics during exercise, click here and subscribe. We are working hard to create an online environment to review photos and videos to help you evaluate yourself. Remember that building muscle around bad mechanics will only cause injury, muscle imbalance, and pain. So don’t waste your work!

A few quick tips on how to recognize bad fascia:

  1. Chunky areas that may appear as cellulite.
  2. Thick areas that are super sensitive if you grab them in a pinching like motion like the video above “Are You Fat or Fascia Bound.”
  3. Inability to perform good posture and basic alignments.
  4. Fat around the belly that is inconsistent with the rest of the body.

The answer to removing this bad fascia for good is octopusing. Sign up here to find out more.

It is important to make the most out of your body and your hard work and we are here to help. Make sure your body and tissue is good-to-go and then master your posture and alignment. Only after doing that, go onto dieting and gym training so you can lose weight and building muscle! For a no-brainer workout, try I.C.E.® training.

Authored by: Landa Stewart, BS, FO

6 responses to “Are You Fat or Fascia Bound?”

  1. Tonette B. Wilson says:

    The more I try to work out, the fewer results I am seeing. After a long illness, I’m very discouraged about my weight. I’ve always been petite all my life, even into my early 50’s. I know I can do it, I’m just not sure how… HELP!!!!!!

    • Ashley Black says:

      Hi Tonette! Give my manager, Juline Kerr, a call at (832) 922-9320 when you have a moment. She can help you get started in the right direction. 🙂

  2. jan raffaele says:

    I am on disability because of my back. but I have been following your site on my facebook… i would love to learn of some low impact exercises that could help with this. I am 58 yrs old and used to be in good physical shape and exercise regular, but can’t even walk much now. My husband told me–“get this” that I am getting spongey,,,,,h e l p !!!!

    • Ashley Black says:

      Hi Jan! Thanks for your comment! We can definitely help you. I’ll get with my manager, Juline, and see if we can package some special exercises together just for you (that you can do at home). She, or I, will follow-up with you sometime next week. Don’t lose hope! Up, up and away! Ashley Black to the rescue! 🙂 Keep smiling! We’ll be in touch!

  3. Ursula Dean says:

    I got to your site because I liked one of your quote postings, but what I found was valuable information on how to get in shape (boy do I need to get into shape)! I am 57 years old and didn’t really worry about my body too much until now, sitting back wishing I would have cared more about my body when I was younger, maybe I wouldn’t feel so stiff, fat and in pain all the time. Just hoping it is not too late to do something about it. Thank you for all the articles you have online to get me (hopefully) in halfway-decent shape quickly!

    • Ashley Black says:

      Hello Ursula! We are so glad you are apart of our “family”! If you need any extra help or encouragement, let us know! We are here for you!