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August 21st, 2013 Written by Ashley Black


Ashley at 18 months


Ashley at 12 years old

Ashley Black was born with an aggressive form of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, which would come in waves of debilitating pain throughout childhood. She spent her youth in and out of doctor’s offices being tested for all types of disabilities as it took many years to diagnose. Her pediatrician suggested gymnastics  as a way to keep her moving. Black developed a love of the sport and spent many early mornings before school in the gym. She had an early love affair with human movement and learned that activity, strength and stretching were a means of pain management. She was told by the traditional medical institution that she would be in a wheelchair at 25 and that children with her disease often had joint replacements in their teens. Black was determined that this would not be her fate. She remained athletic: dancing, cheering and tumbling her way through college and eventually getting off all the medication she took as a child.

In her early 20’s Black was a weekend warrior athlete, taking up marathoning, kickboxing, and teaching upwards of 20 aerobic classes a week. She was, by most accounts, “cured”. However, her life came to a screeching halt in her mid-twenties when she went into the hospital for a routine “hip drain” after experiencing pain after the birth of her 2nd child. At the time, there was a flesh-eating bacteria in the hospital and Black was infected with it in her bone marrow. The bacteria spread rapidly to her spinal fluid, threatening her life. After months of excruciating pain and a torturous hospital stay, Black was left with a morphine pump in her hip, a central line of antibiotics straight to her heart, a 4-inch leg length discrepancy, open bed sores up her back and was emaciated from total atrophy of her whole body. Her prognosis was a life of pain management drugs.


Ashley Black at 19 years old


__________Ashley’s 3 children

This ordeal brought out the fight in Black. She never intended to become a Guru, Edu-tainer or to even start a business; she was simply trying to have a “normal” life in a severely debilitated body. Her plight was to return in even better shape so she could be the best mom to her three young children.

She began to research human anatomy and seek out anyone and anything that could potentially help her. She flew around the country to “specialists” that were doing things beyond medical, chiropractic and Physical Therapy. She was exposed to some amazing practitioners all doing techniques they invented and studied under pioneers in manual therapy, energy work, Pilates, acupuncture, healers etc. She then began to put the pieces of the puzzle together, using herself as the guinea pig.  She plugged in the holes with the knowledge of these pioneers and figured the rest out on her own through trial and error. This was the beginning of a new understanding that would lead to the birth of a science: Fasciology™.


Hip Replacement

Black then began to help others, using her own concocted system. No one was more surprised than Black at how universal and how powerful her techniques were. For many years, Black could not accept that she had invented the “solution” for so many health and fitness needs. Never the less, she researched, wrote about her discoveries and built a team of free thinkers and classically trained medical professionals to help “prove” her discoveries and to organically grow the philosophy. Within a few short years, thousands were benefiting and Fasciology was earning respect in the highest circles of medicine, sports, and physical training. Fasciology is so unique that Black realized, after trying to fit her methods into framework traditional medical model and then into alternative care, that it needed a category of its own. She began calling it HYBRID HEALTH, propelling her efforts to deliver accurate information and programming into the mainstream.

As Black grew her business over the following decade, personally she underwent an intense surgery to rod bones in her leg that eroded and to rebuild her pelvis and hip, including a full hip replacement. With the amazing orthopedic surgeon’s touch, and Ashley’s highly advanced understanding of the soft tissue and nervous system, Black was on the road to being beyond “normal” and speeding towards becoming the athlete she had always been. Today, she is the walking, breathing example of her work. At 41, and a mother of 3 teenagers, Black is in the best shape of her life, spending most mornings surfing, working out or meditating.


21-scuba 22-birdstocrop

Even though Black has had clinics, the most elite clientele, a demand list for speaking engagements, products, and a full-blown “business circus”, her TRUE mission is to help others like her. From the hopeless patient in nonstop pain to the actress that needs her shoulders to look good on the red carpet, to the professional baseball player that wants to pitch faster, to the mom who wants her abs back…. the root cause is all the same. She feels her knowledge was imparted through divine intervention and she will continue to spread this gift for the rest of her life.

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  2. […] issues, and it often leaves pro-athletes without answers or solutions. Unfortunately, according to Ashley Black, back pain is just as prevalent among regular Joes as it is among celebrities and athletes. Tight […]

  3. […] issues, and it often leaves pro-athletes without answers or solutions. Unfortunately, according to Ashley Black, back pain is just as prevalent among regular Joes as it is among celebrities and athletes. Tight […]

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