August 21st, 2013 Written by Ashley Black

1-Ashley-BlackFrom a crippled childhood and near death disease to overcoming and discovering, a life’s purpose of sharing knowledge and empowering individuals to be their BEST PHYSICAL SELF was born. Black’s triumphant personal history coupled with her “out of the box” thinking and GAME CHANGING techniques, places her in a unique position. Historically, when one has an injury or pain, a sports goal or a beauty desire, they have been limited to traditional medicine, alternative care, the fitness community and the sports performance realm… UNTIL NOW! We now have an additional place to go for answers, programs and the TRUTH about how the human body works! For the first time in decades, there is a movement of cutting edge technology that falls into a NEW category called HYBRID HEALTH. The Edu-tainer and GURU of this category is Ashley Black!

2-fascia-photoFor 13+ years, Black has pioneered and spearheaded the HYBRID HEALTH movement, founding and coining the term Fasciology (The study of fascia and it’s interplay between it and the other systems of the body). In the early years Black discovered a few things that were outside the traditional understanding of the established education system including the intentional activation of the nerves inside the spinal column, the ability to move the skeletal system with global soft tissue work and stretching, the manipulation of the nervous system via the fascia and each of these findings in relation to human performance and sports mechanics. All of this to say that Black was doing some “pretty cool stuff” with her new found knowledge.3-4-fascia-skeletal


The question for Black has always been “how do I help more people?” In 1999 Black built her first clinic, T.A.N.K. (Training Athletes Neuro Kinetically)  and established a certification program called NeuroCoreKinetics.She went on to establish clinics under the name Human Body Development and The Fasciology Institute in multiple cities, certifying over 75 practitioners in-house and hundreds around the country in portions of the Fasciology curriculum. While owning and operating these clinics, Black established herself as the Edu-tainer and Hybrid Health Guru for professional athletes, A-list celebrities, Hollywood movers and shakers, fashion and music moguls and as a keynote speaker for medical and sport conferences.



In an effort to impact more lives, in 2007, Black developed an all-inclusive exercise kit  including a 3 level, 10 disc DVD set that teaches viewers to completely change the way their bodies function and look called I.C.E. (InnerCoreExercise). She is also in the process of publishing 2 books Becoming Super Human and “Get F’d: Food Fitness Fascia Freedom” which blow the glass ceiling off the traditional understanding of anatomy and how to approach getting fit. In addition, Black created tools to help individuals self treat including her crown jewel, “The Fascia Blaster”,which loosens the fascia of the whole body. The Ashley Black lifestyle brand leads consumers to many health benefits including totally renovated posture, crazy flexibility, a leaner toned body, total pain removal, complete symmetry, athleticism, manipulated beauty proportions, total tissue restoration, and a cohesive all encompassing understanding of how to attain and maintain the Ashley Effect.



In 2012 Black sold and closed many of her clinics to focus her full-time efforts on introducing Fasciology to the masses. She performs her personal treatments in her flagship clinic Trilogy Spa in Manhattan Beach, California and with her individual clientele around the country. A large portion of her energy goes into writing her books, blogs, magazines and social media. She is focused on touching as many lives as possible through TV, YouTube and DVD. She is redesigning and re-releasing her Fasciology certification for medical professionals, sports teams, spas and individuals in related fields. Her products are launching internationally in 2013. Her immediate priority is to engulf readers and viewers from all over the world in Fasciology and begin to make changes in a broken system, empowering YOU to release the shackles of what you “think” is possible with your health! Black’s long-term goal is to become the go-to vessel to transfer her knowledge directly to consumers in an easy to understand and affordable way, bypassing the jumbled messages in health and beauty. Black is your total resource for enriching overall health and appearance with followers ranging from the near crippled and hopeless to elite athletes and celebrities.


If you want to experience Ashley Black Fasciology, there are many ways to begin. First, fill out a contact form and tell Ashley a little about your history and goals. Ashley’s team literally reviews every case and will direct you to a certified practitioner or a program that will suit you. In some cases, Black will consult with or see you personally. In addition, Black is giving away free information daily through our social media outlets, blogs, magazines and TV. Sign up and be the first to know! Please join us in changing the world… starting with YOU!

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