Who Is Ashley Black

Ashley Black is an Edu-tainer (media personality and educator) that empowers followers to expand their health and beauty paradigm beyond its currently known borders with her unique knowledge in Hybrid Health and products that are easy and affordable.

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Get F'd!

April 10th, 2014 Written by Ashley Black

To learn a little bit more about me and the Ashley Black experience before you read this blog, you can click on this quick link www.AshleyBlackSystems.com and watch the video on my home page. My personal journey will help explain the passion I have for helping my clients and YOU become the best physical version of yourself.

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Lose 10 Pounds by Thanksgiving!

April 10th, 2014 by Ashley Black

Everyone wants to know the secret to losing weight, as if it is some hidden treasure waiting to be discovered. Well I am here to tell you that it?s not a secret only the lucky ones know. It?s a tried and true method that if you follow it, I can guarantee you can lose up to 10 pounds!

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Ashley Black: How to get Flexible and Strong Hamstrings!

Ashley Black: LUMP BUST ME


Arian Foster

"I learned that I have very tight perennials. Now, when I feel a little something, I don't worry because I have the knowledge of what it is and what to do about it. I am in control."


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Want to break up Fascia, ending the appearance of cellulite? Want more flexibility, circulation, muscle definition INSTANTLY?
Patent pending.


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I.C.E.® Foundations Kit

Want to learn how to access the "SECRET MUSCLES" of your Inner Core? Want to improve your complete symmetry, proportions and achieve a leaner toned body? ICE is a game changer!

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What to expect?

Our unique and proprietary knowledge of fascia a little known system of the body, allows us to enrich overall health and appearance with clients ranging from the near crippled and hopeless to elite athlete and celebrities. Followers can expect to release the shackles of what they "thought" was possible with their bodies, ultimately changing their life. This new thinking leads to new actions and habits that yield outcomes including: totally renovated posture, crazy flexibility, a leaner toned body, total pain removal, complete symmetry, athleticism, manipulated beauty proportions, total tissue restoration, and a cohesive all encompassing understanding of how to attain and maintain the Ashley Effect.

How We Work

We are a 360 degree lifestyle brand based on the celebrity and brain child of Ashley Black. Because the information is so unique, we don't have any direct competitors. Part of our uniqueness is that although we draw from the isolated institutions of chiropractic, medical, personal training, nutrition, massage, psychology and others, the Ashley Black brand blends the pieces of institutional thinking with her own personal journey as well as her discoveries along the way creating a whole new puzzle. Similar to hot sauce's versatility and ability to enhance food, Ashley Black can be added to and improve virtually any system or product.

How To Get Ashley

Ashley's knowledge products include TV shows, DVDs, professional certifications, apps, YouTube, blogs, books, magazines, and memberships. Her physical products include an Ashley Black exclusive line (manufactured by), Ashley's supplementary line (White Label), Ashley Black enhanced products (other brands), and endorsements (outside brands) distributed by DR TV, online, retail, and partnerships.